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The most powerful voice in raising awareness is that of those affected – whether it be the individual themselves, their partner, family or friends. By sharing your experiences you can really help other people in similar situations and the personal element can often mean the difference between a story being run or not.

The Beat press office gets calls every day from journalists wanting to talk to people who’ve been affected by an eating disorder. If you would like to be one of these people – a Beat media volunteer – please complete this questionnaire.

Beat never divulges your details to anyone without your permission. All requests are sent to media contacts from Beat and it is therefore entirely up to you whether you want to take part. We also post media requests on the website

What do media volunteers do?
Our media volunteers have helped with a considerable amount of media work – from appearing on the BBC Breakfast sofa to appearing in national and regional newspapers or being interviewed by radio stations. Your story can inspire others to realise that eating disorders can be beaten.

To find out more email or call 0300 123 7061

  • Helpline
    634 1414
  • Youthline
    634 7650 - Search the web and raise money for charity

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