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Beat has a database of members who have indicated they are willing to talk to medical and media researchers and journalists.  These include case studies and professionals working in the field of eating disorders.

We work with a range of volunteers who are happy to talk in the media about their experiences of eating disorders, including people in recovery, their carers and professionals. If you are interested in talking to one of our media contacts, please call or email us and we will put you in touch with them.

For further information contact:

Mary George

Tel: 0300 123 7061

Case study examples

Below are some examples of our volunteers who are willing to talk in the media about their experiences. If you would like to interview them - or any other of our contacts - please email or call us and we will arrange this for you. Our volunteers cover all aspects of eating disorders.


Danni 23 - a talented Scottish footballer playing for the top Scottish Womens' club - has had to fight her way back from anorexia, but is now living a healthy life.

Caitlin 19.  Currently recovering from anorexia Caitlin, a promising athlete, believes quitting athletics was one of the factors in her eating disorder.


Rhian - 30.  Well on the road to recovery, Rhian's eating disorder began aged 14 when she attended a high achieving grammar school and experienced academic pressure.  Rhian has had to pay considerable sums for dental treatment to repair damage caused by her illness.

Ffion - 22  Welsh speaking Ffion’s anorexia coupled with depression began aged 11 and she is still having treatment.  Ffion is passionate about raising awareness of eating disorders and determined that fellow sufferers should reach a full recovery and live the life they’re entitled to.

Northern Ireland

Sarah 21 has binged and purged on a regular basis since the age of 11 and has been hospitalised through her eating disorder.  She's also been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Harriet 20. Harriet’s eating disorder began at 15 and she had to access inpatient treatment in England where she was for 7 months. She was tube fed.  Mum took a 5 year career break to look after her.  Harriet is recovering and is hoping to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.


Tamara 16 - Glos - developed her eating disorder aged 13 due to family problems.  She is in recovery. 

Laura 18 - Herts.  Laura was hospitalised at the age of 10 with her eating disorder.  She has lost friends to the illness and is still struggling herself to overcome it.  Her education has suffered as a result of her illness.

Anna 20 - Devon - developed anorexia aged 14 following the death of her brother and seven years of bullying.

Amanda 38 - Surrey.  Amanda’s anorexia started at the age of 17.  Her ed was triggered by a move of school, house and a relationship break up. It followed years of poor self esteem.  She’s been hospitalised with the illness but is now a Mum and qualified as a teacher at the age of 34. 

Aimee 38 - Cambs.  Music therapist and teacher Aimee developed her anorexia in her 30s.  She has also experienced  bulimia and binge eating.

Lucy 38 Lincs developed an eating disorder in her 30s after extreme dieting.  Lucy is the mother of 5 children.

Jen 29 - West Midlands had to have emergency gastric surgery as a result of the damage caused to her stomach by bingeing and purging over a period of several months following what started as anorexia and over-exercising. She still struggles with anorexia and living with the consequences of the surgery.


Jonathan 29 - Scotland - has battled with an eating disorder since the age of 12 and is still struggling to overcome anorexia. 

David 42 - London - had an eating disorder for over 20 years – starting at the age of 19.  He damaged his liver through use of diet pills and hasdental problems as a result of his bulimia.

Newly qualified doctor Richard 23 developed an eating disorder at school when a rugby injury prevented him from playing again.  Richard binged and purged during his illness.  He intends to use his personal experiences in his professional career helping others similarly affected.

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