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I’m Alright Thanks - Verbatim Theatre

I am a mother of an anorexia sufferer, if you are a friend, sibling, mother, carer for an anorexia sufferer then you will recognise what I say.

I have watched the illness devastate my daughter’s life and watched the ripples that it has caused as they put a sad grey cloud over our family, over her friends, (those that don’t just disappear) and still further.

I had no support from my GP, my county has no funding for the treatment of anorexia, my daughter’s illness was  treated as an unusual case but I think that instances of it are growing and that possibly the opposite is true; last year in my tutor group out of the 8 girls 4 were anorexia suffers. I am fed up I want to do something about it.

I do not want to promote the words of someone engulfed by the illness; I don’t want to run the risk of convincing sensitive ears that it’s a way forward. I want to create a piece of verbatim theatre that uses your words as carers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, boyfriends and girlfriends, that tells the world how has it affected you?

I put out a request on Beat last year and I have had some incredibly powerful accounts, but I still need more,  I think that I could probably write a lot myself but I want  it to show the breadth of those that it affects, I don’t want it to be about just one person, I would also like it to be about women/girls and men/boys, old and young.


I would like to hear about your situation as someone affected by this, you can send this as anonymous if you prefer;

  • An outline of the person before the illness
  • The darkest day
  • How the illness affected a  family/social event
  • Another story or two that you’d like to tell
  • A funny story about the illness, this might sound strange, but please trust me, this piece could be harrowing, and although it may be dark humour I will need something to give the piece the dynamic.

In case you don’t know Verbatim Theatre is the re-telling of personal stories using the originators words as closely as possible. I do intend to use some Music and Physical Theatre to make a piece of theatre that really communicates the issues.

I am a 53 year old mother of 3, who has recently taken voluntary redundancy from my Performing Arts lecturing job to spend my time on the things that matter to me now.

Please help me if you can, please email on THANK YOU  


Pregnancy and eating disorders - Cineflex Productions

Few mums-to-be would say that pregnancy is easy or stress-free, but for some women, having a baby presents exceptional challenges.

Cineflix Productions have been commissioned to make a 6 part series for Discovery, on the subject of pregnancy.

This brand new factual series will take a look at unusual pregnancies around the world- meeting mums-to-be who are juggling the excitement and anxiety that pregnancy is expected to bring, but who might have an extra 'something' to take into account. 

We're looking for women who are experiencing their pregnancy with a pre-existing disability or medical condition of their own (such as dwarfism or visual impairment) or have a condition brought on by the pregnancy (like extreme cravings, or severe morning sickness).

We're also looking for mums-to-be who, for perhaps might, for example, have previously been told they were unlikely to conceive due to unusual gynaecology.

Across this observational documentary series, we'll follow these women through their unusual pregnancies, as they and their families prepare for the birth of their baby. From sharing the news with loved ones, to medical appointments and baby showers – right up to the big day itself. We're hoping to film with the pregnant mum's medical practitioners to help the audience understand how the expectant mother's condition affects her experience of pregnancy medically, while the mum-to-be and their loved ones will take us through the day to day realities of their unusual pregnancy. 

If you think you may have members, or know of families or individuals, who would be interested in the possibility of our helping them share their pregnancy story, please do call or email us on 0203 179 0096 / or email: we'd love to hear from you. 



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