European Eating Disorders Review (EEDR)

The European Eating Disorders Review (EEDR) gives you access to articles from all over the world reporting on the latest research and information in the field of eating disorders in a bi-monthly journal.

Rather than focussing on research methodology, the journal looks at best practice in diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders. The EEDR contains original research that has implications on the treatment and care of people with eating disorders as well as details of innovations and experience in clinical management of these serious mental illnesses. The aim of the Review is to provide you with a communication channel with researchers, practitioners, administrators and policymakers in the world of eating disorders who need to be at the forefront of developments in the field.

In an edition of the European Eating Disorders Review you can expect to find:

  • reports on useful research and experience related to the treatment and prevention of eating disorders in primary care and hospital settings
  • information about good practice
  • new thinking about the nature, incidence, diagnosis and clinical management of eating disorders
  • details of training, events, policy and publications relating to eating disorders

Professionals working with eating disorders are invited to contribute to the Review. Visit the Wiley EEDR website to find information about the current edition, access information about papers in back issues, submit articles and order a sample copy.

How can I access the EEDR?

The EEDR is available directly from the publisher at a price of £193 per year but we are able to offer it  exclusively to our Become a Professional Network Member at cost of £99 per year (VAT exempt).

The journal is published bi-monthly; you will receive six issues through the post, as well as being able to access previous issues online and previewing upcoming articles before they are published in the print edition.

To purchase the EEDR become a Professional Network Member for only £65 + VAT per year and take advantage of this great EEDR offer as well as other benefits and exclusives. 

If you are already a professional network member and would like to subscribe to the EEDR, please follow the link below, login to your Beat account and click on the EEDR link in ”my account”.

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