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Download a range of information sheets, leaflets and booklets to help you beat your eating disorder and find support. All of our information sheets are available to download free of charge so you can get the help you need.  Our work is funded by donations, fundraising and grants - if you would like to make a gift to support Beat please call 01603 753308 or donate online using the pink box on the right of the page.

The NICE Guidelines on eating disorders are a really useful source of information. The booklet describes the guidance that the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (called NICE for short) has issued to the NHS on eating disorders. Clinical guidelines are about improving the care and treatment provided in the health service.The guidelines produced by NICE are prepared by groups of healthcare professionals, people who have personal experience or knowledge of the condition, patient representatives, and scientists.The groups look at the evidence available on the best way of treating conditions and make recommendations based on this evidence.


Information leaflet about Beat


The Beat Guide to Understanding Eating Disorders This 24 page booklet brings together much of what we have learned over the past 22 years working with families, professionals and people with eating disorders. Sections include causes of eating disorders, different types of eating disorders, what to do if you're worried about someone, treatment and eating disorders in education and the workplace. The booklet is available to buy in the Beat online shop.

Recovery Guide This booklet will help you understand more about recovery and how you can take steps towards it.


About Beat services poster - put up the poster in your local GP surgery, or display it at your workplace, school or at your own fundraising event.

Information sheets

Associated problems

Eating disorders and your teeth

Living without laxatives

Advice on feeding children for parents with concerns about their own eating
This information sheet has been produced by Dr Emma Haycraft, Dr Claire Farrow, Prof Jon Arcelus and Prof Caroline Meyer from Loughborough University Centre for Research into Eating Disorders and has been endorsed by Beat and the Leicester Eating Disorder Service.

Eating disorders and sport

Eating disorders - an athlete's guide

Eating disorders - a coach's guide

For more information, please visit the National Centre for Eating Disorders in Sport website.

Information for family members, partners and friends

Below you can download a series of booklets for carers: for those caring for someone under 18, those supporting someone over 18; and those supporting their partner.

Caring for a child or adolescent with an eating disorder

Supporting an adult with an eating disorder

Supporting a partner with an eating disorder



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