Worried about someone?

Have they got an eating disorder?

Is your friend or relative acting differently or do you feel they have changed? Do you have a friend who is often talking about weight and shape, saying things like;

"I need to lose weight" or "If only I were slimmer, I would be happy."

Perhaps you find yourself thinking ...

"My cousin only talks about food or the shape of her body. She is very critical of herself and puts herself down all the time."

"My brother tries to be perfect in every way. He worries all the time about what other people think of him."

"My friend sometimes starts eating and can’t stop."

"My sister has become very distant from us. She seems to keep herself away from her friends and family."

Some of these attitudes and behaviours may indicate that your friend has a problem with food or may have an eating disorder. People with an eating disorder may eat too much, eat very little, or refuse to eat. This is often because they feel unhappy, angry or distressed.

You can also seek support on the Beat Carers’ website here. Below is a list of downloadable PDFs which you may find useful:

My sibling has an eating disorder - information for adults

My brother or sister has an eating disorder



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