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PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical issues with the software, we are currently unable to run any online groups or live chats.

Beat Live chat, and the Online Self Help & Support Groups, offer a safe and supportive environment where you can talk to others who are in a similar situation, in real time. They are a useful and positive experience, especially for people who cannot access a face-to-face support group, due to their location or personal circumstances.

Live chat and the Online Self Help & Support groups are facilitated by Beat moderators who check everything posted before it is shared. You will need to register on the Beat website to participate in these online support services. 

Online Self Help & Support Groups

Two Online Self Help & Support Groups are run on a Monday evening from 7pm to 8pm.  One for those with an eating disorder, and a separate group for carers. Anyone aged 18 or over can attend, but you must first register an interest.  To find out more information about the support groups and how to attend visit our online support group pages.

We're always looking for new topics for themed live chats. Past topics have included holidays, self esteem and exam stress.

If you have a topic you think others would like to talk about, please email


  • Helpline
    634 1414
  • Youthline
    634 7650 - Search the web and raise money for charity

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