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Beat's 1-2-1 service enables anyone to chat online to a support worker at Beat. The support worker can provide a listening ear and information relating to eating disorders. 1-2-1 can be a space to explore how things are for you at the moment and for you to come up with some ideas of what might be helpful to you. We cannot offer counselling support but if this is something you wanted to access then the support worker may be able to signpost you to organisations where you could search for a counsellor.

The 1-2-1 service is open on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5.30pm to 8.30pm and Thursday and Friday afternoons from 12 noon to 5pm. If all our support workers are talking to someone then remember you can ring our Helpline 0845 634 1414 / Youthline on 0845 634 7650. If you are 25 and under you can also request a callback by texting "Callback" to 07786 201820.


Confidentiality is fundamental to the services Beat provides. However, there are some exceptional circumstances where we may pass on information, for example:

  • We suspect a child may be at risk from harm
  • A caller is at serious risk of harm, either from themselves or others
  • A caller threatens or abuses or staff

Please note: To check the quality and consistency of our services, managers may check the 1-2-1 transcripts from time to time.

  • Helpline
    634 1414
  • Youthline
    634 7650 - Search the web and raise money for charity

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