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Beat is passionate about emerging technologies and committed to engaging with people across various online communities. You can participate in these communities on our website and on external e-communities which form part of the Beat parent site family.

Beat website

Beat's brand new website will be launching mid-July with improved functionality, better navigation and updated information. Find out more 

Message Boards

If you’d like to participate with other service users you can do so in a safe, moderated environment on our Message Boards, where you can upload comments under an anonymous username.


The Beat Blog is updated by Beat employees and website users. Simply go to the Beat Blog pages to upload your blog on your own stories of recovery –whether you’re a professional, a sufferer or a carer of someone with an eating disorder.

Social media

You can help to raise awareness of Beat by engaging with us on Facebook and Twitter! Find out more about Beat’s news and improvements to our services on these social networking sites.

Young People’s Forum

We need your views! If you're aged 25 or under and want to take part in the work we do as well as keep updated with the latest news, join our Young People's Forum.

My Personal Best

My Personal Best is a national online project run by Beat. The project has created a young-people led, web based community focusing on promoting well-being and positive self-esteem – it’s not just for young people with eating disorders, but those who could do with boosting their self esteem in a positive and safe online environment. Visit My Personal Best to set up a challenge planner, participate on the forum, or access resources designed by young people to boost self-esteem.



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    634 7650

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