James Carter

February 16, 2013 at 8:05 PM

I chose to raise money for Beat primarily because it’s a charity that supports people in some of the most difficult situations that there is. When other people may not know what’s going on as battles with food is something that goes on inside and it’s the easiest thing to do, put on a front and act like everything is ok when something very serious is going on, even if you may not know yourself.

Beat is a charity that helps people in these places, giving people a place to turn to for advice, letting them know they are not alone in their battle. Something that has struck me since raising money for Beat is the amount of people affected by eating disorders. I had known a couple of people that had suffered from them but as soon as I put my video out speaking about my own personal experience the response was unbelievable. People that you would never have suspected may be going through something messaged me and spoke about their troubles and about how they felt knowing that there were other people going through what they were going through.

I was humbled by this and the fact I was able to provide friends and family an ear to ease their worries and help them as best I can. However from this I know the variety of people that eating disorders will affect which is again why Beat are such an important charity who I have been extremely proud to raise money for and to represent.

I took part in the Disneyland marathon in Florida and it was amazing. It started on a random road with everyone packed in as fireworks sent us on our way with Mickey, Donald and Goofy waving us on. Disney provided entertainment on each mile and the marathon took in each park, starting with the magic kingdom, which we ran through in the dark meaning we ran in front of a glistening magic castle lit up just for the runners and then underneath as a band played trumpets and the like as we ran through. Next up was the animal kingdom where we were welcomed by a selection of farm animals (quite why I don’t know, but they were there) and as we got further in, approaching Mount Everest we were set a rhythm by a group of African drummers. We then ran around Disney’s Nascar circuit and Hollywood studios was next followed by Epcot where we entered through England to a wall of noise at about mile 24. This part choked me up as it was nearing the end and I had never heard anything like it and that pushed us to finish that final couple of miles while running around the world (epcot’s version of the world, though it felt like we were running round the real thing!). Then there is the finish line, Mickey and the gang were there to high five you as you ran the final stretch.

With fundraising, I thought a target of £1,000 was a stretch so to have come out the otherside having over doubled it has just blown my mind and is something that I never expected. The support that people have given me has been second to none, people I’ve never met sponsoring me having seen my posters and video is just magic. I can’t thank them enough and I’m extremely grateful for everything. It’s been a hell of a long journey, the highs have been magic, but the lows have been, well horrible, and I know it’s not over yet, but what I have experienced so far I will never forget.


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