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  • Au revoir to anxiety   stony shore sunset   masthead listing
    2 September 2015

    Au revoir to anxiety - time to say goodbye

    The third post from our featured blogger Ali. This time Ali offers ideas and quotes which have helped her cope with anxiety - and which might just help you too.

  • Jobrucemasthead listing
    28 August 2015

    The Burdett Trust Project

    Jo Bruce joins Beat as Transitions Officer for the Burdett Trust Project, in partnership with NHS Lothian, providing online support for under-25s with an eating disorder experiencing transitions and training for professionals on best practice in this area

  • 5 things never to say to a recovering anorexic   graphic.png   masthead listing
    26 August 2015

    5 Things Never to Say to a Recovering Anorexic...

    ...and Some Positive Alternatives. Beat Trustee Dr Pooky Knightsmith Hesmondhalgh's blog post is likely to be invaluable for parents, partners, family members and friends of those affected by anorexia, to enable better understanding and communication.

  • Progress not perfection invite   masthead listing
    24 August 2015

    Progress not Perfection - exhibition in support of Beat

    Daniela Raytchev, Beat's Selected Artist of the Year, shares her own struggles and invites you to her October exhibition 'Progress not Perfection' - a study of eating disorders and addictions featuring celebrity portraits including Gok Wan and Gail Porter

  • Pookyandkaikai edited website listing
    19 August 2015

    Eating Disorders Recovery: 11 ways to support a friend

    Beat Trustee Dr Pooky Knightsmith Hesmondhalgh, a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Specialist with expertise in practical strategies for supporting eating disorders in schools and other non-clinical settings, shares a recent post from her own blog.

  • Alfie the pug   masthead listing
    14 August 2015

    Alfie the pug

    Fundraiser Suzy gives a voice to Alfie the pug - together they make a winning fundraising team. Alfie came into Suzy's daughter's life for a special reason: to help her overcome anorexia.

  • Ali   edited for website and fb listing
    5 August 2015

    Holiday: Heaven or Hell?

    In her second blog for Beat, Ali offers some words of wisdom and support for the summer holidays - a time for relaxation which can in fact be stressful for us all, not least those struggling with an eating disorder.

  • 3 August 2015

    Beat welcomes £150m investment in treatment for eating disorders

    Beat welcomes £150m investment in treating children’s eating disorders and calls for more funds for adult services.

  • 29 July 2015

    BBC TV feature on BMI Not Low Enough

    Beat has been working with the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire Show flagging up the experiences of many people across the UK being turned away for treatment as their BMI didn't fit the criteria. Here you can read the BBC news item and watch the full video.

  • 23 July 2015

    Beat partners with FSA to stop sale and use of deadly "slimming pill"

    Today we've learnt of another tragedy caused by eating disorders and DNP - the synthetic chemical posing as a slimming pull. We are working in partnership with the Food Standards Agency on their DNP kills campaign. Read on for our stance on this issue.