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  • 29 June 2015

    Changes to Beat's Helpline Numbers - from 1 July 2015

    From 1 July Beat's Helpline numbers will change to an 0345 number. Changes by Ofcom, the communications regulator, will make charges for 0845 numbers more transparent, but more expensive. We're changing to an 0345 number to ensure cheaper calls for you.

  • 26 June 2015

    University of Glasgow study: male eating disorders in the media

    A recent study concludes newspaper representations of eating disorders in males may promote feelings of shame and delay treatment seeking. We present our stance and call to continue working collaboratively with the media to shift perceptions.

  • 26 June 2015

    SEED and SE-AN: acronyms with bite

    Linda talks about her severe & enduring anorexia nervosa (SE-AN) and how the experience of recovery can alter drastically when an eating disorder goes on for many years.

  • Dave c   headshot   edited for fb and website listing
    18 June 2015

    Identity comes from accepting and overcoming adversity

    Dave Chawner is a Beat Media Volunteer and stand-up comic. Read his take on Men's Health Week, how humour has made his anorexia manageable, and how his new show, Normally Abnormal, applies to us all: we all have issues to face and adversity to overcome.

  • Colin's blog   quote  men's health week   infographic   15 listing
    15 June 2015

    Beating Emotional Overeating - Men's Health Week 2015

    For Men's Health Week 2015, Colin describes his experience of emotional overeating and support from Beat - and how, for males, traditional views of overeating as "macho" can be a barrier to this being seen as something indicative of a deeper problem.

  • Ramadan and eating disorders   image edited for fb and website listing
    12 June 2015

    Ramadan and eating disorders

    Ramadan begins on Thursday 18 June 2015 and continues until 17 July. We re-visit Habiba's blog about what this means for those who are aligned with the Muslim faith and in recovery from an eating disorder.

  • Babble and matter logos listing
    10 June 2015

    Babble and Matter - Carers Trust's online services for young carers

    This Carers Week 2015, guest contributor Susannah of the Carers Trust introduces online support for young carers (up to 25): frequent chatrooms, time out for yourself, support from other carers, and help from the team to access services. Read on for more.

  • Kat pugh   ya blog   image edited listing
    5 June 2015

    Being a Beat Young Ambassador - Volunteers' Week 2015

    For Volunteers' Week 2015, we hear from Beat Young Ambassador Kat about how her involvement in the scheme has helped her channel negative experiences and feelings into positive achievements - inspiring others and building her confidence and self-esteem.

  • 3 June 2015

    Rising eating disorder hospital admissions - what the figures mean

    As BBC reporter Dan Whitworth uncovers NHS figures showing the number of hospital admissions across the UK for teenagers with eating disorders has nearly doubled in the past three years, Beat is called to comment on the figures and possible causes.

  • Chloe   skydive blog   pic edited for fb and website listing
    28 May 2015

    Why undo your hard work to go through the same painful journey again?

    Chloe describes her journey through treatment, the life she now has on the other side and why she's decided to skydive to support Beat. She also shares some friendly words of wisdom...