Peer Support Groups

You can expect to find an open and safe environment at a peer support group. Rather than providing therapy or treatment peer support groups give you the opportunity to meet others who may be in a similar situation and share experiences, thoughts, successes and problems.

Beat provides support to a range of independent peer support groups catering for the differing needs of people affected by eating disorders:

  • People with all types of eating disorders
  • People with anorexia and bulimia 
  • People who binge eat, compulsively overeat, feel they have emotional eating issues, are overweight, obese or struggling with their weight
  • Families and friends of people with eating disorders 

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We also run two online support groups - one for recoverers under 18, and another for over 18s affected by binge eating.

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Attending a group can help for a variety of different reasons. Some people tell us they want extra help and support to take the first step towards treatment, others feel they want additional support during their recovery or you might feel like you occasionally need some support even though you’ve been in recovery for some time. You can attend peer support groups as frequently as you wish; some attend regularly while others may only go along once every few months.

“I started going to a support group about two months ago and find it really helpful. I had never met anyone else with an eating disorder and it was reassuring to find that I wasn't the only one who was experiencing the thoughts and feelings I was having. Also because people are at different stages of recovery I found it helpful to see where I had come from and where I am now. I would urge you to go along and give it a try, you have nothing to lose!” peer support group attendee

We are in the process of developing a toolkit to help support peer support groups. If you run a peer support group for people affected by eating disorders or if you are thinking about setting one up do keep checking back as the toolkit will be available to download from this page when it's ready.

If you have questions regarding Peer Support Groups please email

Emotional Overeating Support Groups

Beat has a funded project which runs Emotional Overeating Support Groups, please click here for more information on these.