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My first step How I'm feeling 0
Worried about the future I'm supporting someone 1 dipstick123 about 17 hours
Unhelpful GP! How I'm feeling 6 maggiemay about 13 hours
10 Years later and its getting worse! How I'm feeling 3 DuckLover about 11 hours
im terrified How I'm feeling 5 Future101 about 17 hours
Pregnant & Relapsed I've got a question 3 SunnyTilly about 17 hours
Scales Anxiety How I'm feeling 5 SunnyTilly about 17 hours
Force or not to force I've got a question 6 dadinuk about 18 hours
Cant stop the eating and snacking cycle How I'm feeling 5 sunshine92 3 days
misso How I'm feeling 3 sunshine92 3 days

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