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Weight gain How I'm feeling 8 Purpleboris 2 days
annoyed with myself How I'm feeling 0
MIddle of nowhere, hard to reach out How I'm feeling 0
I need just one person who understands... How I'm feeling 5 mrrusty about 13 hours
how to deal with housemates/family I've got a question 3 LucyFlower 9 days
Need advise please I'm supporting someone 7 Tree about 9 hours
Why can't I just shake this hold over me? I've got a question 2 randomfish about 9 hours
Girl in the Red Chair 2 My Journal 0
Dietician Appointment Earlier Today How I'm feeling 5 Miss T about 10 hours
No exercise, how do you cope? I've got a question 4 Horsemad1 about 11 hours

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