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Do you struggle with anxiety? Beat support services 2 Beat 15 days
Supporting a sibling, friend or parent? Beat support services 0
I just need some help How I'm feeling 1 Warrior98 8 days
Do I have an eating disorder? I've got a question 1 Bonniexoxo 5 days
Relapse How I'm feeling 2 Celizabeth38 4 days
Fat Fat Fat How I'm feeling 2 Natie10 5 days
Is Anyone there? My Journal 1 that_girl_ 6 days
Struggling How I'm feeling 4 mcvey_lover 6 days
I'm really scared How I'm feeling 1 littlemiss 8 days
I will never be able to recover from my binge eating disorder How I'm feeling 3 Athletics13 8 days

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