Working with service providers

At Beat, we are committed to providing the highest quality support for people affected by eating disorders, and want to help the NHS and other providers to understand and address the needs of sufferers and carers. We can provide a range of services to NHS Commissioners to help them to understand local needs and design care pathways and appropriate services. We are experienced in providing consultation services, working with young people and adults suffering from eating disorders, as well as their families and carers. We can support Commissioners to design services, working together with service users to create a structure to provide appropriate support and a gold standard eating disorders service.

We have produced a leaflet outlining all of the ways we can work with healthcare providers to provide services which complement and add value.

Working with service providers leaflet

To find out more about how Beat can help you, please contact Nina DuFeu, interim Director of Services, on 01603 753309.

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