Quality_Standard_Logo.jpgWhat is Beat Assured?

Beat Assured is an innovative quality standard that uses the knowledge and experience of people who have been affected by eating disorders to audit services from the viewpoint of both sufferers and carers. We work with services to look at how they operate, what the experience is like for sufferers and carers, and support the service to improve and implement the recommendations from the assessment.

We have worked with a group of recovered eating disorder sufferers, carers, healthcare professionals and specialists in quality standards to create a robust framework for assessing services and ensuring that we provide a valuable insight into how people actually experience treatment and support.

The standards look at the whole treatment experience, from initially being referred to the service, through treatment to discharge and what support is provided afterwards to maintain recovery. The standards are applicable to all services that treat people with eating disorders, from community mental health services to specialist units. They are equally applicable to public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

Beat works with the services being assessed to help them meet the standards and implement the recommendations for improvements. The report will be published on our website so service users can see how their local service fares and make decisions for where they access treatment based upon this.

Benefits of being Beat Assured

  • Highlight good practice and share experience
  • Accreditation and use of the Beat Assured logo
  • Beat is trusted by service users and professionals
  • Ongoing support from Beat to improve user experience and participation
  • Participation events to promote success and user involvement
  • Develop participation in line with World Class Commissioning standards
  • Demonstrate your commitment to providing a quality service

The Beat Assured standards are available for service users, professionals and commissioners to see how services engage with their users and the quality of the overall treatment experience. By achieving accreditation, your service will be able to show you how you involve your users to meet the standards set out in the NHS World Class Commissioning standards.

Beat Assured accreditation costs from £2,500 plus VAT, and assessor travel expenses. 

Download the Standards

You can download the standards to see the framework we use for assessment using the link below. If you are interested in having your service assessed or want to find out more, please email info@b-eat.co.uk or call 0300 123 3355.



To read the Beat Assured reports of completed assessments, click here or on 'Reports' in the navigation bar to the left.

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