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The European Eating Disorders Review publishes authoritative and accessible articles, from all over the world, which review or report original research that has implications for the treatment and care of people with eating disorders, and articles which report innovations and experience in the clinical management of eating disorders.

The journal focuses on implications for best practice in diagnosis and treatment, (rather than on research methodology). The journal also provides a forum for discussion of the causes and prevention of eating disorders, and related health policy.

The aims of the journal are to offer a channel of communication between researchers, practitioners, administrators and policymakers who need to report and understand developments in the field of eating disorders.

The Journal:

  • Reports on useful research and experience related to the treatment and prevention of eating disorders in primary care and hospital settings.
  • Provides information about 'good practice'.
  • Offers a forum for new thinking about the nature, incidence, diagnosis and clinical management of eating disorders, and, in particular, anorexia and bulimia nervosa.
  • Provides information about events, training, policy and publications relating to eating disorders.
  • Researchers, practitioners and trainees in clinical and health psychology, psychiatry, nursing, medicine (including General Practice), psychotherapy and counselling are invited to contribute and to read the journal regularly, by personal subscription or in their institution library.

The EEDR is avaliable at a significant discount by becoming a Professional Network Member. If you'd like to subscribe, simply fill in this form and return it to

You can visit the Wiley EEDR website where you will find information about the current edition, access basic information about papers in back issues, submit articles and order a sample copy.

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