The Beat HelpFinder Directory is a database of services providing support to people affected by eating disorders and emotional overeating. The HelpFinder provides individuals with a tool to find specific types of support services in their local area. To start your search, please click here.

HelpFinder lists both statutory services (i.e. those provided by the NHS) and non-statutory services including voluntary organisations, private healthcare providers, counsellors and therapists. Most of the organisations are required to pay a fee to be listed on our database.

The HelpFinder also includes contact information for the Beat Network of Self Help and Support Groups. These are open groups available for carers or sufferers affected by Eating Disorders. They have been set up UK wide by the Beat network of volunteer group facilitators and support volunteers.

How do I sign up?

To register or renew your listing on the Helpfinder please fill in this interactive booking form and return to

Alternatively you can sign up online via the Helpfinder website here.

For more information please contact Business Development on 01603 753304 or email

Find out more about why your organisation should be listed on the HelpFinder here.


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  • Youthline
    634 7650 - Search the web and raise money for charity

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