In Memory Donations

Raising money in someone's memory is a special way to celebrate their life.


When you give in memory of a loved one you are helping us to be there and to support more people with eating disorders and their families.

You can create an In Memory page on JustGiving or create a Tribute Fund, where you can tell the story of the person you are remembering (using words, photos and video) and explain why you are raising money in their memory. 

Friends and family can add thought, stories, pictures and donate funds in memory of your loved one.

Your In Memory page or Tribute Fund is a lasting way to remember someone special who has passed away and can give friends, relatives and colleagues a focus for making their own individual contribution towards Beat. 

Every donation acts as a tribute to the special person in whose name the fund has been created. 

Together you can make a real difference in memory of your loved one and to the lives of people with eating disorders and their families.



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