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Over the years, many people have asked us if we can help them create a more permanent memorial to their loved one. We are proud to have launched a new memorial page on our website, please see below. We would very much welcome your tributes in memory of someone you have lost to an eating disorder.

If you would like to leave a dedication message please limit to 50 words and email to

If you would like to make an In Memory donation you can call us on 01603 753308.  You can also find out more on our In Memory Donations page.  Any gift you can make will help us carry on our vital work supporting people with eating disorders.  


Jay Taylor  

Jay Taylor Beat Young Ambassador

1988 - 2013

Jay was one of our first Ambassadors (when Beat was previously known as the Eating Disorders Association) and was a pioneer of a group of young people who have grown both in numbers and stature, courageously speaking out about their own experiences in order to help raise awareness, reduce the stigma that still surrounds these devastating illnesses and help and encourage others to seek treatment at the earliest possible opportunity.

In the work she did with us as an Ambassador she will have helped a lot of young people similarly affected and even though, sadly, Jay lost her own personal battle we have no doubt that over the years she has inspired others to seek the help they both need and deserve.
Our thoughts are with her family at this difficult and distressing time.


Jay Taylor

My beautiful friend was taken far too early.  Heaven has gained a stunning angel.  I miss you so so much lovely and not a day goes by that I don't think of you.


Stephanie Amy Elizabeth Allen

Stephanie Amy Elizabeth Allen BSc Hons (1st)

1985 -2007

A beautiful, talented and loving daughter and sister.

A generous friend whose smile gave pleasure, joy and comfort to all.

Keen conservationist and campaigner for Fairtrade and Justice.

Caring, creative and an inspirational student who loved to travel, meet new people and experience new environments.


Sophie Mazurek

In Memory of my Beautiful much-loved daughter Sophie Mazurek. Sophie died aged 19 of heart failure caused by anorexia, 21st December 2006. Sophie had the illness for 2 years. Sophie is in our thoughts every day and loved forever. Missed by her Mother, sisters Lauren and Polly and brother Jacob. x



Katherine you have been with me each and every day since you went to that very special place for special souls. I remember us sitting together doing crosswords and every time I get stuck on a clue I know that it is you that helps me with the solution. I miss you so much and I hope that you are at peace. Forever in my heart. Rob


Daisy-May Caring

21.5.1990 - 30.6.2010

In Life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still
In our hearts you hold a place,
That no one will ever fill.

Our beautiful flower, taken too soon.

A wonderful daughter to Olivia & Tim, Max misses his big sister!

Rest in peace darling x x


Sarah Louise Doling nee Halhead

In remembrance of Sarah Louise Doling nee Halhead 27/11/60 - 29/05/2000. Sarah lived in Bristol & ended her life, following years of suffering Anorexia/Bulimia & lack of any local inpatient care for Eating Disorders. She was a beloved wife, daughter, sister and mother of Emily and Daniel.

From Susan Hedges (mother of Sarah)


Sarah Doling

In memory of a much loved daughter in law who died much too young from an eating disorder.

From Norma


Sue Worsfold

A dedication to our beautiful daughter Sue.(Worsfold).

Always so full of life. Pottery and cross-stitch were her passion during her illness. She did not deserve to get anorexia, she tried so hard to beat it. Love you and always thinking of you darling Sue. Love mum dad and sister Alison.



Our daughter, Gillian, was an orthopaedic nurse, artiste. Towards the end of her life helped children, in the local school, with creative art. An art competition is now held each year, in that school in memory of her.

Denis and Evelyn Sweetman, Amble, Northumberland.


Anna Elizabeth Wood

In loving memory of our beautiful and talented daughter, Anna Elizabeth Wood, who died as a result of Anorexia Nervosa. Forever in our hearts.

5 April 1993 - 26 March 2010

Thinking of you always.

Christine Gibson, Paul and Matthew Wood.


Louise Kirsty Wilson

In memory of Louise Kirsty Wilson 13.06.1971 - 20.10.2007. You tried so hard for 18 years to find a way out of the grips of anorexia. You are still with us on those bright sunny days you loved so much.

Rest in peace.

All our love Mum, Dad, Clare, Phoebe and Milly.


Jane Caroline Marks

Jane Caroline Marks, daughter, sister, aunt and cousin, lost all her adult life to her eating disorder and died aged 40 in 1998.


Helen Sarah Lee

10.12.1984 to 15.02.2003

A beloved daughter, sister, cousin and friend

A fun loving and talented young woman

Who died of multiple organ failure at aged 18 following a five year battle with anorexia

She was determined and courageous to the end in battling against this vicious and vile disease

You are missed always, loved always and will never leave our hearts or thoughts

Mum, Dad, Charlotte and your many friends


Ellen Siobhan Rowe

Treasured memories of Ellen Siobhan Rowe. A very precious, loving, caring daughter and sister who touched the lives of all her family, school friends and all who knew her. Greatly missed by Mam and Kieran. She will be loved forever and never be forgotten.


Fiona Hawley

In memory of Fiona Hawley who battled anorexia from aged 16-48

Mum you are greatly missed by myself and everyone's lives you touched, you were an amazing artist and a beautiful lady.

I feel sad for the life you missed out on because of your illness controlling your body and mind, hopefully as you look down on us all you will see I'm living life for the both of us now.

All the anger and guilt has gone now, I simply miss you and love you.

Always in my heart.

Sian xx



A dedication for our beautiful sister Kate, who is always in our thoughts, never forgotten.
You went too soon only 29, we should have all grown old together.
Love you always, your sisters Vicky and Jenny.

But if God ever gave me
Something special you see,
It might have been the blessing of,
Three sisters are we.
The Lord above has gave me lots
Of happiness and glee
But the most special thing he did was
Make us sisters, all three.


Kate Armstrong Clark

In memory of my beautiful daughter, Kate Armstrong Clark, whom I love beyond all measure but could not save. Born 20 August 1988 Kate died from her eating disorder on 6 March 2008. A talented actress and very special person, she is constantly missed by her family and friends.


Deborah Lubelska Katz

Deborah Lubelska Katz, was born on 18 June 1980. Debbie became ill not long after leaving university. After battling with anorexia for six years, she took her own life in 2009. Our beloved daughter was so loved by so many. We rejoice and thank God for her life.



In memory of our dear daughter Lucy who died in anguish, age 31.

We will forever grieve her passing and will never forget all the happiness and love she brought us during her too brief life.

Rod & Barbara Porter


Samantha Jane Shipman

In loving memory of Samantha Jane Shipman.

Died aged 21 years old.

Mum, Dad, Lisa and Danny miss you beyond words.

Sleep peacefully Sam.


Sam Price

For Sam Price,

This monstrous illness had no right to take you from your loved ones and deny you the joy of life but in memory of you and countless others the fight for a cure continues.

Fly free sweet angel. Anorexia cannot steal your spirit.

Love Michele Jowett x


Katherine Amelia Godfrey

1979 - 2008

She was the first born of our beautiful triplet daughters.

We miss her so much. She was my best friend as well as my daughter.

She wanted so desperately to get better and get on with her life, but her heart couldn't take anymore.

She is with me every day, in my heart she will never leave.



1.4.89 - 13.12.09

In memory of my daughter Shona who gave us lots of laughter,many tears but most of all plenty of loving memories. Missed by all who knew and loved her.

Shine on sunbeam.

Mum x


Helen Judith Melhuish

In loving memory of Helen Judith Melhuish

Helen died aged 42 on October 21st, after struggling with anorexia for 27 years.

Helen was a loving, caring and determined person who qualified as a lawyer, but who spent her later years designing and supplying products to assist charities in their fundraising.

Helen was a beautiful person; her early death brings sorrow to all who knew and loved her. Anorexia may have defeated her body, but it never defeated her spirit. May she rest truly in peace.


April Thomas

In memory of April (Ape) Thomas a caring, loving, friend who sadly left us on 5th May 1985, always willing to help others, missed everyday by Keith. Sleep peacefully.


Emma Louise Vinesky

Emma Louise Vinesky dec '94 - jan 2011
Died from multiple organ failure due to anorexia. Always Mum and dads ray of sunshine such angel not a day goes past when your not on my mind shorty x


Deirdre Ruth Jaggs-Fowler

Deirdre Ruth Jaggs-Fowler (28.9.63-17.2.11)

In lasting memory of Deirdre who sadly passed away suddenly aged 47 years.

Deirdre was a beautiful caring vivacious person who brightened the lives of all those with whom she came into contact.

She was a loving Daughter and Sister and a good friend.

Her lovely generous bubbly personality will be missed by us all.

Her battle is now over and she is now at peace.


Rachael Worcester

Rachael Worcester, fun loving, northern and so beautiful inside and out.

I heard the news last year on my way to Glastonbury and I partied away with you in my heart.

There is so much love for you - your smile will be remembered forever xxx

From Ilona x


Jayne Marie Burns

Our beautiful mum and daughter x 1963-2009

We will never accept your loss and the only peace we get from this devastation is that you aren't suffering anymore to this evil illness.

Us your four children and Nan love and miss you desperately...Sleep tight Mummy Love Sara, Joel, Bradlee, Conal, Nan and Pete xxx


Nicola (Nikki) Jayne Cooper

23.12.1983 - 12.01.2011

Cruelly taken from us after a 15 year battle with Anorexia and Bulimia, Nikki was a much loved sister and daughter.  She never got to meet her Neice Ava but we will always talk about her and she will be forever in our hearts.  Finally at peace.

Love you lots Nikki from Mum, Dad and Clare x x x


Fabiane-Marie Emmett 18-8-95 - 8-4-2011

Love and peace to you our angel. x.


Maddie Daisy Eatwell

11th February 1994 - 28th September 2011

The best friend who us from ourselves, she fought so hard and was taken too young.  You are the definition of bravery, hope and beauty.

You are now at peace my angel.

Sleep tight,

With love,

Your best friends xxx



My Beautiful Best Friend Hannah Rose

My entire world faded away the day you were taken from me. A part of me was taken to heaven with you. Free from your pain & suffering.

I love you so much. Nothing hasn't and will never be the same without you. Rest in peace, sweet angel! Your Rose will forever blossom in my heart.

Signed your devoted Best Friend, Corinne.

(Vita Mutatur, non tollutur - Life is changed not taken away)

07/01/1995 - 24/02/2008


Nicole Billings 1990-2008

Nikki you will always be the star in my sky,
and the sun when i awake. I miss you sooo
much each and every day. You'll always be
in my heart. Anorexia killed you, but it never
killed the love i have for you.
 Love you always
 your best friend Chloe xxx


Vickie Brown

Rest in peace 14/03/2010

One of the bravest girls ever, always in my thoughts.

Aimee xxxx


Sarah-Jayne Saunders (Died Age 27 on March 29th 2012)

Heaven now has it's most beautiful angel yet.  May you now spread your wings.

Love you S.J, miss you so much!  You were taken too soon, maybe your beauty, talent & perfect personality was needed elsewhere!  Rest now Sweetheart. xxx


Sarah-Jayne Saunders

Sweet Sarah,

I am so truely sad and devastated that you have been taken so suddenly.

You are missed so much already and will forever be in my thoughts and I will remember your beautiful smile and all the great times we had together.

Your step sister Sam x x x


Sarah-Jayne Saunders

Taken from us so very young,

Always in our thoughts and hearts,

Sleep tight my love.

Love Emma, Martin, Josh and Jamie x x x x x x


Sarah-Jayne Saunders

When the photographs are faded and dry, When the birds stop flying high in the sky, When all the rivers of the world run dry, When its time for us to die, We will still be loving you.

Your broken hearted

Dad and Lola.


Fabiane-Marie Emmett

Dance as though no-one is watching..

Love as though you've never been hurt..

Sing as though no-one can hear you..

Live as if heaven is on earth..

My beautiful sweet angel Fabiane...too beautiful for this world...too young for the next..

18-8-95 8-4-2011

May jesus hold you in his arms until I return to you..x.x.x


Fabiane-Marie Emmett

My beautiful angel Fabiane-Marie...No words could ever express the pain of losing you.

Live..laugh..and love now my baby.

There is no tears in heaven...hoping to be with you soon angel...x.x.x


Char Rose Seddon

An angel who fought her hardest.
Taken too soon.
We love you all soo much
Your best friends
rest well honey


Cassandra Elizabeth Randone

Cassandra Elizabeth Randone (1996-2013) victim of anorexia.

I miss you everyday Cass, love your little sister Daisie x



Alexandra 1975 - 2009

Your beautiful smile

Your sparkling eyes

Your warmth

Your caring personality

Your attention to detail

Your strength

Your giggle

Your voice

My best friend

A loving Sister and Auntie

All these treasures you gave to us

You battled 18 years

We love you

Mum & Roger


Stevie 'Garry' Brazier

30-05-93 to 07-02-14

Stevie fought so hard, and was taken from us far too early.  He touched so many lives with his kind words and generosity.  He was an inspiration.

You're with the angels and your Corsas now Stevie.

You'll be forever in our hearts and minds 'Garry'.

We'll never forget you.


Charlotte Robinson

The love that I have is all that I have and the love that I have is yours and yours and yours x

Thank you for the 18 years we had together, an inspiration.

Proud of you!

Forever Charlotte's Mum.


Helen Judith Melhuish

At the end of the storm

Is a golden sky

And the sweet summer song of a lark

Fly high my most trusted and respected one.

You were loved so much my beautiful friend.





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