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Beat has been there to support people with eating disorders for 25 years and we rely on donations to carry on being there for anyone who needs us.  By leaving a gift in your Will you can help us to be there in the future and achieve our vision - that eating disorders will be beaten.

After you have remembered your friends and family any gift you can afford, however large or small, will be appreciated and make a huge difference to the lives of people affected by eating disorders.

"As a one time carer for someone with an eating disorder, I benefited enormously from the Beat services and I feel very strongly that Beat's work is both vital and unique.  By giving them a bit of extra help in the future, I hope that other carers and sufferers will be able to cope better, and lives may be saved as a result."  (Beat long term supporter and legacy pledger)


To receive your free guide to leaving a gift in your Will to Beat, please email legacies@b-eat.co.uk or call 01603 753308.

Leaving a gift in your Will

We fully appreciate that your loved ones come first but if you could find room in your Will for Beat any gift will help.  If you leave a charitable gift, it will be deducted from your estate before any Inheritance Tax liability is calculated (on the value of assets above £325,000), so any friends or family you wish to provide for could receive more. 

There are various ways to remember us:

-          A residuary gift, a share of your estate once your loved ones have been taken care of

-          A pecuniary gift, a specified amount of money

-          A gift of a specific item

Including your wishes in your Will is straightforward. If you already made a Will, all you need to do is complete a Codicil Form. If you have not written a Will yet, you need to consult a solicitor and give them our details below.

We always recommend that you seek the guidance of your solicitor when you make your Will or add a Codicil, so that your intentions can be fully carried out. 

Your solicitor can advise you on the correct wording for your Will or Codicil but the following information might be helpful:


Eating Disorders Association, trading as Beat
Wensum House
103 Prince of Wales Road
Norwich NR1 1DW


Company Number: 2368495 Registered Charity Number: 801343 Scottish Charity Number: SC039309


  • Helpline
    634 1414
  • Youthline
    634 7650

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