Volunteers are an integral part of the Beat team and we would not be able to operate on the scale we do without them. Beat volunteers work in all areas of the organisation and we try to match the skills and experiences of people who want to volunteer with us to the roles available.

We want to welcome people from all backgrounds and endeavour to recruit volunteers that are representative of the communities we serve. 

I volunteer for Beat because it feels great to turn something negative into something positive

There are many reasons why people volunteer with us. For some it’s to meet new people, whilst others want to gain experience. Volunteers can learn new, and develop, existing skills, meet people and help to build confidence. What unites us all though, is the vision that eating disorders will be beaten. 

We recognise that volunteers require satisfying work and personal development and will seek to help volunteers meet these needs, as well as providing the training to do their work effectively.

All volunteers will receive regular support from a named member of Beat staff. 

I volunteer for Beat because it allows me to raise awareness on eating disorders while gaining personal skills and building friendships.

We welcome volunteers who have experience of eating disorders, whether this is personal, people with a background in eating disorder or mental health services, people who support others in a caring capacity, or those who wish to learn new skills.

Volunteer wellbeing is vital to ensure that everyone involved in volunteering with Beat has a safe and positive experience. 

If you have personal experience of an eating disorder, we have specific recovery criteria for certain roles.

I volunteer for Beat because I can make a difference; I have a past that is worth sharing with others.

Recruitment and Applications:

Beat is committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. All volunteers will be required to complete the volunteer recruitment process, which includes submitting an application form, receipt of references*, relevant induction training and undertaking a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check where appropriate to the role.


Applications are subject to receipt of two satisfactory and appropriate references, and you will not be able to attend any Volunteer Training until both your references have been received.

Please provide details of two people whom we can contact for references including: 

  • Title/Name/Email/Telephone Number/Postal Address/Capacity Known/Length of Time Known:
  • Your Referees must have known you for at least two years

  • Referees cannot be relatives or partners/spouses

  • One referee must be able to offer a reference in a professional capacity, for example, employer, tutor, medical practitioner

  • Referees will be asked to confirm that you meet any specific criteria for the role

If you have any questions about who may act as a Referee for you, please contact the Volunteering Co-ordinator on: volunteer@b-eat.co.uk

Filters for roles below:

  • Special Events Office Volunteer - Fundraising Team

    Beat Head Office, Norwich

    Gain administrative experience in fundraising, planning and co-ordination of major events.

  • Helpline Support Volunteers - Helpline Services

    Beat Head Office, Norwich

    This is an opportunity to be part of a team of staff and volunteers providing support and information for people affected by eating disorders, families, friends and professionals via Beat's Helpline Services. Closing Date is Friday 3rd April 2015

  • Media Volunteers

    UK Wide

    Share your story to help raise awareness, challenge stigma and spread the message that eating disorders can be beaten.

  • Scotland Beat Young Ambassadors


    Share your story to help challenge stigma, raise awareness and spread the message of hope that eating disorders can be beaten.

  • Young Ambassadors

    North, West and South Norfolk, and Great Yarmouth

    Represent Beat as a Young Ambassador in Norfolk.